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Behind the Insane growth of NFT Worlds

About three months ago NFT Worlds were minted for free.

Now the cheapest NFT World is 3.7 ETH.

Possibly the fastest growing NFT collection recently.

Let's break it down

1. Free mint

Doing a free mint took NFT Worlds from 0 followers to thousands of raving fans overnight.

This is because NFTs create aligned incentives.

Both the NFT holder and the team want the collection to succeed.

This concept of a "shared win" is what turns users/holders into raving fans.

And having a thousand raving fans is extremely valuable.

"It's better to have 1,000 people that love you than 1,000,000 people that just sort of like you." - Paul Graham

2. Clear vision

At first people didn't truly understand what NFT Worlds is.

But as the team continued releasing documents that explain their project people started to get it.

And once people understood what the team was building they got excited.

3. Building

Doing a free mint and having a clear vision means nothing if you don't build the things you promise.

Fortunately building is what the NFT Worlds team does best.

They are constantly improving the utility for NFT Worlds and building the things that matter the most.

They have even airdropped a token they created called $WRLD to all the NFT World holders as well.

4. Growing market

Being in a growing market also played a role in NFT Worlds growing so fast.

After NFT Worlds launched, big new stories like Facebook rebranding to Meta has influenced a huge wave of investor demand for "metaverse" related assets.

That's all folks. Hope you learned something.

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